瀬崎百絵 Sezaki Momoe






Japanese artist and illustrator.

I was born in Tokyo in 1992 and lives in Saitama prefecture.

My work is conceptual and pop analog. I mainly use acrylic paint. When drawing, I use a brush pen and a millipenial.

I have loved painting since I first arrived, and in 2017, I started to take up a full-fledged career as an artist, realizing that even though I had a hard time in the past, I was able to overcome it through painting.

I mainly depict women with Japanese facial features, and human faces.

I have a strong admiration for pop art, surrealism, and ukiyo-e.

I try to include at least one "gimmick" in every picture so that the viewer can enjoy it more.

I have a tremendous yearning for foreign countries, and I aim to "communicate beyond language" through painting.


「Human Museum 2019」佐々木悟郎マイスター賞

「UNKOWN ASIA 2021」木村宗一郎レビュアー賞


・月刊サイゾー2020年3月号 扉絵

・アイウェアブランドKOMONO コラボレーションアートワーク

・美術雑貨店VINYL コラボレーショングッズ






・WOWOW CONTACT ART〜原田マハと名画を訪ねて〜シーズン2<4K版> ZINE紹介



I am accepting requests for work.

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